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Why Use Soy Wax?

Why Use Soy Wax?

You may have noticed all the wax products in the shop are made with soy wax, and maybe you wondered why. Well boy oh boy is this the blog post for you!

There are a few reasons why wearethespooky has chosen soy wax over all the other wax options

1. When it comes to burning, soy wax has a slower burn time, which is great for scented candles. We want you to be able to enjoy your candle as long as possible and soy wax is what will accomplish that goal. Plus, if you ever experience a power outage use all your spookyflame candles to light your way


2.  Soy wax has a cleaner burn and doesn’t leave a bunch of soot behind. Now if all soot became soot sprites and went along their own way, this might not be as big of a problem. But we all know that isn’t the way things go. Something that was big in my mind when I started making candles was making them so that people who *experience migraines or allergies could use them freely. Because of the cleaner burning in soy candles, they are no toxins or pollutants coming out during the burning so they’re far less likely to trigger these things!


3. Easy clean up + reusable jar.

This is a two parter based on the same thing, that soy wax is water soluble and biodegradable. First off, we’ve all had spills, and we’re all going to have more. The benefit of soy wax is that if it spills with some soap and water it will come up very easily.

Secondly, because it is so easy to clean up once you have finished using your candle you can clean it out with some warm water and paper towels (or whatever you wipe up with, that’s your business) and *repurpose the jar for something else!

*Read our ideas and suggestions for re-purposing your finished candles!




4. Now here’s a big one, soy wax is much more sustainable than other methods. It supports local farmers, is eco-friendly, and sustainable. The soy wax going into your candle was probably grown in the past year, and the soy wax in your candles next year are probably in the ground as we speak!


So that’s a quick wrap up on why wearethespooky uses soy wax! Did you learn something new in this post? What are your thoughts on soy wax? Let me know in the comments!

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