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Ways to Reuse Your Candle Jar!

Ways to Reuse Your Candle Jar!


Something I try to keep in mind when making my products is how can make this item last. Whether it’s flower crowns that you never have to worry about dying, or a candle that’s jar can be used once your last flame has flickered out!

All Spooky Flame candles are made using soy wax. Which if you didn’t know is super easy to clean out (one of our favorite things about it!). This makes it super easy to reuse your jar for all sorts of things!


P.S. If you’d like to know more about our choice to use soy wax, read this blog  post!


Once you have finished using your candle, clean it out and re-purpose it!

To clean out your jar, use a warm paper towel with water and soap to wipe out any remaining wax and other materials.

Getting psyched to reuse your Spooky Flame jar? Well here are a few of our favorite ways to re-purpose your Spooky Flame candle jar! If you try these or any other ideas with your jar, be sure to send an email or tag us on Instagram!


*I do NOT recommend using the jar for any food purposes! There may be trace amounts of wax left behind!!!*


Use your jar to hold your favorite eye wear! B)


Perfect to hold your favorite flowers (dead, alive, or even fake!).



Hold your thread and other sewing supplies.



Storage for paint brushes!



Cute holder for your cute pens!



A fun way to hold your favorite makeup brushes!



Collector of dried flowers? Toss them in there!


So there are a few of our favorite ways to re-purpose our Spooky Flame candle jars!

What are your favorite ways to reuse your Spooky Flame jar? What was your favorite way we reused ours?

Comment below!


Here are some of the items I used in my photos if there were any you were interested in!

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