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Why Can’t I Smell My Candle?

Have you ever lit a candle and wondered why you just did not smell anything? It smelled great when you took the lid off, but now? Nothing. This is very common and usually it is not due to the candle itself. Before you give up...

Ways to Reuse Your Candle Jar!

  Something I try to keep in mind when making my products is how can make this item last. Whether it's flower crowns that you never have to worry about dying, or a candle that's jar can be used once your last flame has flickered out! All...

Why Use Soy Wax?

You may have noticed all the wax products in the shop are made with soy wax, and maybe you wondered why. Well boy oh boy is this the blog post for you! There are a few reasons why wearethespooky has chosen soy wax over all the...

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