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F.A.Q. and Policies

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Do the flower crowns come in different sizes?

All the flower crowns are adult sizes unless noted otherwise. They are made to be able to adjust to various head shapes and sizes. If you check the description of the crowns they will say what material is used and how to adjust the shape ?

Do you do custom flower crown orders?

We are not taking custom flower crown orders right now.

Do you offer any promo codes or discounts?

Promo codes and discounts will be offered on occasion, sign up for our email list to receive them as soon as they’re up!

Do you offer international shipping?

We do not currently offer international shipping

The candles smell so good can I eat them?

Tho they do smell tasty, but please don’t! No part of the candle is edible.

My package is lost/damaged?

We are not responsible for lost/damaged items due to carrier mishandling/shipping issues. I’m so sorry you are having issues, and you can file a claim on a damaged package with USPS. Keep all packaging and take photos for proof of damage.

All shipments receive a tracking number so please be sure to check often to ensure your package is received.

Come say hello!

Heyya, my name is Christine and I’m here to help. It is my goal to make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed in a timely fashion.

Have a scent request? Want to see a specific topic on my blog? Feel free to reach out! I love hearing what content you guys would like to see from me 🙂

If you have any questions that are not listed here please feel free to reach out and ask!

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